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Lossless compression ratio and encoding speed.

Lossy compression metrics.

Comparison between AVIF encoders.

Comparison between WebP and WebP2.

Full methodology.


Large images were first encoded with BPG at q24 filesizes. Medium is 60% of Large. Small is 60% of Medium. Tiny is 60% of Small. Everything else was matched to +/- 5% filesize.

All the pictures have been compressed from RGB PNGs except SVT-AV1. SVT-AV1 only supports YUV420 input so the filesizes reported are not comparable with other encoders supporting RGB input.

Both rav1e ard svt-av1 do not support lossless compression, the pictures presented here are only near lossless, so their filesizes is not representative of actual lossless.

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This page is based on Xiph.org's Daala comparison page. Originally developed by xooyoozoo. A list of sources for the images can be found in this text file.

Last updated: December 2020.